FREE Scanner! Scan Your Groceries for FREEBIES!! (Spots Available thru 4/18 ONLY!)

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Did you know you could earn freebies just for scanning your groceries? It’s true! NCP (National Consumer Panel) a very popular and highly-rated survey site, will send you freebies just for sending them information about how you shop!

PLUS… they will provide you with a FREE Grocery Scanner to get you started! Basically, you’ll get freebies just for scanning the groceries you already buy. Cool, right?!

Here’s How It Works:

Sign up here to get a FREE Scanner. Buy your groceries, like you normally do. Once you get home, scan your groceries and you’ll earn points that you can redeem for awesome freebies like gift cards, vacuum cleaners (not kidding!), watches, etc..

Some members have even received random surprise freebies just for participating! That could be you, too! 

Here’s a Breakdown In 4 Easy Steps:

  1.  Sign up here, to receive your FREE scanner.
  2. Scan your groceries (the more you scan the more you earn).
  3. Share your scanning info to earn points!
  4. Redeem your points for awesome FREEBIES!

    This offer is not always available so when it is (like, right now!), you gotta sign up quick!
    Note: You must be selected to receive the scanner.  **Spots are limited and new members are only being accepted thru 4/18/18, so sign up now!
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